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Dying to Know Day - Coffin auction

Although for many this may seem like a crazy idea, the fact is that people pre-plan and choose their coffins every day.
What better way than to purchase a coffin to be used anytime… that is a one of a kind… from a local artist (me!) with the funds all going back to the The Art Factory 👍💖👏👩‍🎨😀
Those who are the winning bidder of each coffin have lots of options available to them;
1. Holding the coffin to use it themselves;
2. Choose to donate it during the year (to a family who cannot afford a coffin);
3. Use it for when they need it for a family or friend.
Alan Harris McDonald can assist with considering options, and storage of the coffin.
To bid on the coffins up for Auction, please click on the link below.
Please share this post, Thankyou.
Lindy X
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